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The Basics of Tow Truck Operating Services

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Wondering About A Particular Tow Truck Service? Here’s What You Need To Know

Everyone behind the wheel of a vehicle is probably aware of towing services or what a towing service is? For those who do not know such services, they are emergency road operators who provide a plethora of services when needed. The operator works for a private or a public agency. And, when it comes to the tow truck and services offered, you have to make a wise decision, as not everyone in the neighborhood or the daily commuting route give you the best of the services.


There is a surge in the growth of the tow truck business because of mishaps, vehicle breakdowns, and other service related queries. When you look at the statistics, at least a hundred accidents are occurring in different parts of the country. In addition to this, you will find several drivers violating parking rules. All these changes are helping in the revenue generation of the business.

The Equipment Used For Towing

When you are considering the use of a tow truck services, it is essential to keep in mind about the different equipments that they use during emergencies. These are standard and used by a majority of the operators in urban and rural areas. The material that the operator brings to the site depends on the size of the vehicle and the situation in which it involved.

    1. Boom: Although not mainly designed for towing trucks or cars, using the adjustable boom helps the operator to pull or recover vehicles using pulleys from ditches and cesspools.
    2. Belt lifts: Belt lifts are helpful in attaching to the vehicles and in a loop. Because of the loop, it is possible for the tow truck to drag the recovery vehicle using the axle. However, there is a limitation on the use of the belts lifts, and many operators prefer not to use the same, as several customers complain about the scratches that it causes on the bumper. It is preferable to use them on steel bumpers.
    3. Wheel lifts: Wheel lifts are new entrants are quite helpful when compared to belt lifts. They use the chain and hook system of the earlier days of towing but with improved design and technological advancement. In the new system, the operator attaches substantial metal yokes under the wheels of the recovery vehicle using a hydraulic elevator. The tow truck then tows the car.
    4. Slide: The slide locates at the back of the truck and refers to as the bed. The hydraulics fitted to the slide allows the bed to move down to the ground level, which enables the towing vehicle to pull using a winch.
    5. Quick pick: Quick pick became an essential and integrated part of the towing service. It consists of both the features of the wheel lift and boom. The importance of the kit is helpful in transferring illegally parked vehicles. Significant use is that the operator can use it for both light, medium, and heavy vehicles with ease.

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Which situations can you use the services?

Emergency towing services are available round the clock, as you do not know when an emergency creeps up! Therefore, possessing contact details of a few operators in your neighborhood or the road that you travel frequently is important. There are two aspects of using the services rendered by the companies that offer towing facilities – non-emergency and emergency.

Non-emergency facility

Non-emergency situations are those where drivers are violating the parking rules and causing chaos. For instance, the concerned authority possesses the command to call a towing company to move a car or impound it if it is causing hindrance to the movement of the traffic. The best examples are:

      1. Parking the vehicle that is blocking a street
      2. Parking a vehicle in a no-parking zone
      3. Double-parking of a vehicle

Emergency situations

Majority of the operators receive calls from drivers during emergency situations. These include:

      1. A breakdown on a highway
      2. Accident
      3. Moving a vehicle that is a threat to the traffic

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What characteristics are essential to consider?

Not all companies offer towing facilities that live up to the standards that you expect as a customer.

A few may charge more while providing the least of the service. Additionally, you can depend on a provider who does not support special assistance in your area or the road that you travel often! As towing requires experience, equipment, skills, and knowledge, choosing the best comes down to the characteristics of the company. The essentials are:

      • Reliable equipment
      • Certified and trained professionals in handling any size of the vehicle
      • Accredited tow trucks and drivers
      • Quick response at an affordable fee
      • Dedication and honesty
      • Roadside assistance at any time of the hour
      • Delivers additional services

As it is always difficult to rely solely on the information available on the internet, consult friends, family members, and neighbors who know reliable companies in the area offering such quality services.

Use the internet and available websites that allow you to compare the facilities, operations, experiences, and other parameters before zeroing onto a few vital tow truck operators. Having their contact numbers is always beneficial, as you never know when the need arises.

As you are searching for a reputed provider, who does not burn a hole in the pocket, add filters and points as explained above to narrow the search. These will help you to come across the leading companies in your neighborhood.

After successful comparison with several operators in Louisiana, Guy’s Towing Service stood out from the rest for offering top-notch service at a price that as a customer you would expect. You can further go through the reviews and consult those who opted for the services to have a better understanding of the professional approach.

Contact the service center today if you live in the area, surroundings, or the regular commuting route falls within the region. You will always have the best assistance when you expect the least when you are partnering with a leading tow truck operator.