The Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a state-of-the-art museum that celebrates the history of Louisiana and its people. Visitors can explore the rich history and culture of the state within an interactive experience that provides immersive exhibits and engaging activities. By taking a guided tour (available in English and Spanish), visitors will learn about all aspects of Louisiana’s past, from its French colonial roots to its Civil War battles up to present day. The museum also shares stories of individuals who fought for their rights or made important contributions to their communities throughout history.

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The Capitol Park Museum offers something for every age and interest level. There are interactive touchscreens located throughout the building with information about different topics related to Louisiana, as well as hands-on activities such as games, puzzles, and videos for kids who want to explore more about the state’s history. Visitors can take advantage of one of two different touring routes: “A Nation’s Story” which explores how Louisiana became part of the United States, or “Journey Through Time” which takes guests through all 400 years of Louisiana’s past. Additionally, there are several specialty tours available including “Louisiana In Color,” “Behind The Scenes at Historic Places,” “The Battle For Move Freedom” which covers the civil rights movement in Baton Rouge.
In addition to providing informative tours, Capitol Park Museum also offers several unique educational programs for students ranging from elementary school through college age groups. There are opportunities for field trips where students engage in hands on activities like archaeological digs or simulated SWAT training scenarios set up around the grounds when dealing with crisis situations. Special workshops like coding classes using 3D printing technology help teach computer skills while exploring various applications related to coding and problem solving like game design. These classes allow students think outside the box while embracing new technologies or ideas they may have not been introduced to yet in school curriculum
All educational programs provided by Capital Park Museum look above and beyond traditional learning styles by offering a one-stop shop approach where faculty receive direct access to certified teachers providing step by step guidance on how best implement projects being created while offering advice troubleshooting if any issues should arise during course instruction process no matter whether subject being covered technological natural science social studies etc so participants leave feeling inspired enthused maximize potential what lies ahead them after conclusion class booking appointment convenient setup accomplish desired outcomes ideal environment share knowledge engage foster growth progress whole mission statement committed towards advancing understanding between generations filling gaps information disconnect bridging gap older younger providing quality assistance when needed be it individual group setting whatever else required necessary achieve results .
Capitol Park Museum is truly an incredible place where history comes alive with interactive exhibits, exciting tours and educational programs designed for both adults and children alike. It is an essential stop on any visit to Baton Rouge – a place that teaches us about our country’s past while inspiring future generations through extensive research facilities and collections representing all era’s of American life!

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