Welcome to Riverfront Plaza & City Dock, a two-acre waterfront park located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge. This beautiful space is the perfect spot to take in all of the sights and sounds of the city while enjoying some peace and tranquillity. Enjoy an evening stroll along the boardwalk to watch boats come in and out of port or get your exercise by biking along the picturesque path that runs through it.

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Riverfront Plaza is home to some of the best restaurants in town. Dine at one of several riverside eateries offering everything from classic creoles dishes like jambalaya or po’ boys to modern favourites such as gourmet salads and artisan pizzas. There are also plenty of bars scattered throughout, so no matter what type of nightlife experience you’re looking for – you’ll find something here!

If you’re feeling adventurous, explore all that City Dock has to offer! Take a leisurely paddleboat ride around the harbour or rent a kayak and explore further on your own. For those wanting an even more exciting experience – try your hand at sailing with one of our trusted captains! Whatever your preference, there’s something here sure to make your trip memorable.

And if its educational opportunities you seek then look no further – Riverfront Plaza & City Dock offer classes on boating safety as well as fishing techniques taught by experienced guides. You can also take part in fun activities such as educational boat tours or bird watching for those seeking knowledge about local wildlife habits and natural plant life surrounding them!

No matter how you choose to experience this amazing place – Riverfront Plaza is sure to deliver a unique adventure like no other! From stunning sunsets near sundown that illuminate all around it giving visitors an incredible view or engaging activities throughout day for plenty people full age ranges. Whether sightseeing, dining out, taking guided tours — be prepared unforgettable memories enjoy long after visit concluding! Come see why locals rave about beauty charm 1st hand!!

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