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tow truck central city

You try your best to stay safe when driving. You obey traffic signals, heed right of way warnings, and stay close to the speed limit. But that doesn’t mean that everyone around you does the same thing. And whether it’s your fault or another driver, Guy’s Towing Service is ready to help when you need a towing service in Central City, Louisiana.

We’ll send over a truck to you as soon as possible. Simply give us a call and tell our friendly staff where in Central City, you’re located. And with a location near Baton Rouge, when you need us, we’ll be there fast!

Be extra careful at traffic signals!

According to USA Today, the state of Louisiana has the worst drivers in the country, citing a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The one area that catapulted the state to the top of the list was failure to obey traffic signals. This includes red lights, stoplights, yield signs, and much more. Because the state is notorious for bypassing these signals, make sure to take a little extra time to check that it’s safe before moving forward so you can avoid using one of our tow trucks!

We have heavy duty tow trucks too

tow truck central city

While most customers will only need a light duty or possibly medium duty trucks, commercial drivers might need a heavy duty tow truck to help them out.

  • Medium duty trucks are powerful enough to tow an RV or fifth wheel without much problem, provided it’s in a location that’s easy to access.
  • Heavy duty tow trucks are reserved for the most difficult jobs. This includes underwater recovery off bridges using a 60-ton crane system.
  • For tipped semis and other industrial vehicles, our airbag recovery system makes sure to straighten out the vehicle safely and efficiently.
Need an unusual vehicle? Along with our various tow trucks, we have specialty vehicles available to assist you as well. These include Peterbilt trucks that we can use to get your cargo the rest of the way to its location as well as Landoll trailers for very large or oversized vehicles. Call us today and ask how we can help!

Our tow trucks are always available

Not only do we have enough tow trucks and specialized vehicles to handle all of your towing needs, but they’re always available too. You can get stranded at any time, which is why our office never closes. Summer or winter, early morning or late at night, we always have somebody waiting to answer your call. So whenever you need a tow truck in Central City or elsewhere around Baton Rouge, call us for friendly towing done right by professionals you can trust!

Give us a call when you need a tow truck

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