Call us for roadside assistance too!

Roadside Assistance ZacharySometimes, you might get stranded on the side of the road without being in an accident or having a wreck.

It could be that the needle went a little too far under the E. It could be because those tires with 5% tread finally gave in. Or it could be that you forgot to turn your lights off and can’t find anyone around to give you a jump.

Whatever the reason, when you need roadside assistance, call us up at Guy’s Towing Service near Zachary.

Using our signature friendly customer service, we’ll get to you promptly and help you with whatever you need so you can be on your way!


Isn't it Guy's Towing Service?

While towing is in our name, it’s not all that we do. With over 40 years of experience, we know that some concerns require towing while others don’t. If your tire goes flat and you have a spare in the back but don’t have a jack, does that mean you should have to pay to have your car hooked up to a tow truck and dragged home? At GTS, we don’t think it does. Each of our tow trucks comes ready to help with essential equipment like jumper cables to help you out in a pinch. And our Wrecked trained tow truck drivers know the proper procedure for tire changes, jump starts, and much more.


What emergency roadside services can you do?

We try to carry equipment to handle as many minor issues as possible. Some repairs don’t need the full attention of an auto repair shop, and we’ll do our best to fix these kinds of issues for you. These include:

  • Jump starting or quick charging your battery
  • Vehicle isn’t turning over or won’t start properly
  • Changing a flat tire and basic flat repairs
  • Help with vehicle lockouts
  • Stuck in a ditch, mud, or other terrains
  • Fluid delivery including gas and brake fluids
  • Mixing and filling coolant tank for overheating vehicle
  • And much more!


Stay in your car! Especially when you’re on a busier road, stay in your car whenever possible. Even with proper safety equipment like traffic cones and emergency warning lights, many tow truck operators and law enforcement officers are hit by drivers every year. Don’t add to the statistic; stay safe, and we’ll come by to help.

We’re available 24 hours a day

When you need roadside recovery, we’ll be there. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the afternoon or late at night, our 24-hour towing services are standing by to help you. We understand that when something happens to your vehicle, it throws off the rest of your plans. And it’s almost always an unplanned expense. We do our best not to add to it by trying roadside assistance first. If you’re unfamiliar with car problems, you might think that your car has no chance of making it home, and hopefully, our experienced team will be able to prove you wrong!

Towing Company Near Me Zachary

What if you can’t fix my car? While we’ll always try to get your car going again when we think it’s a minor issue, sometimes we aren’t able to.

It could need special parts that we don’t have on hand, or it might be a puzzle only a mechanic can solve. In these cases, we’re more than happy to tow your vehicle wherever you’d like it to go.

If you want to bring it home, you’re more than welcome to, but we also know many honest, local mechanics that will be glad to help you the next day and can bring it to a shop with after hour drop off if it’s late.

Our local business is part of the community

Even though we’re the largest towing company in Louisiana, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten who made us this way. We know that our customers are the lifeblood of our business and treat all of them with the respect and courtesy that they deserve. But we go one step further. Our goal is to get everyone home safe. That’s why we offer FREE rides home during the holidays if you’ve had a little too much to drink during a holiday party. While some services offer to take you home, they’ll charge you the next day to get you back to your car. We’ll take your car along with you, so both of you can get back safe and sound! Call Guy’s Towing Service near Zachary; we’re ready to help!