As one of the newer residential developments in Baton Rouge, Morning Glen is an upscale district located in the heart of the city. It’s a carefully orchestrated collection of single-family homes and luxury apartments that are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and immaculately maintained lawns. This distinct neighborhood has a subtle charm that is befittingly named after a quaint street that runs through it.

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Surrounded by lush vegetation, Morning Glen boasts several natural features like streams, ponds and picnic areas making it a great area for outdoor activities and relaxation. For those who prefer to stay indoors there are plenty of amenities too; such as community clubs & swimming pools for leisurely summer days plus restaurants & shopping malls for when you want to get out on the town without ever leaving your home!

The main street of Morning Glen is lined with historic buildings, giving it an old-world atmosphere while adding character to this contemporary development. From upscale stores showcasing designer brands to cozy bistros serving regional dishes, there’s something here for everyone! Furthermore several art galleries showcase original works from local artists – offering some insight into this region’s cultural offerings as well.

Morning Glen is also famous for its unique schools & learning centers like Marymount University (a private institution dedicated to encouraging learning & fostering spiritual growth). Here you can find traditional & innovative program options ranging from nursing degrees to business management studies plus plenty of extra-curricular activities such as sports teams & special interest spots like computer labs!

In short Morning Glen offers residents & visitors alike plenty of recreational resources – from nature trails to boutique shopping experiences – so no matter what type of fun you’re looking for this district will likely have something that satisfies all your needs!

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