If you’re looking for a place to explore Louisiana history and culture, then look no further than Magnolia Mound Plantation in Baton Rouge. This 18th-century plantation is one of the oldest and most intact examples of French colonial architecture, making it a must-see destination for all visitors. Whether you come here to explore the grounds, take part in a guided tour, or attend one of their many exciting special events, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the beauty and charm that this picturesque estate offers.

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Throughout its time as an active plantation house – spanning over nearly two hundred years – this building has managed to preserve much of its original design despite various renovations. As soon as you enter through the welcoming gates you’ll immediately be taken back in time by the property’s carefully landscaped gardens and colorful manicured lawns that span across four acres. Once inside, visitors can get lost amidst its three different sections; including an 1860 raised cottage area with slave quarters; The Westin House which was built in 1803; and another section designed particularly for entertaining guests.

Magnolia Mound Plantation is highly respected among historians due to its wealth of artifacts found on site — many which were recovered during archaeological digs conducted between 1990-2000! These items include pottery shards from Native American tribes, coins from Europe & Asia, pieces of early North American glassware, musical instruments from Africa, tools used during demolition projects…the list goes on! During your visit here these invaluable treasures can be observed up close at the museum located outside the main house while our knowledgeable staff share interesting stories behind each item.

No matter what time of year it is there is always plenty happening at Magnolia Mound Plantation! From educational programs like candlelight tours and bonfire talks about scary legends to exciting outdoor activities like croquet tournaments and cornhole competitions – visitors won’t run out of fun possibilities at this premier destination. And if hands-on arts & crafts are more your style then don’t worry – they host workshops perfect for kids where they can make period-appropriate items such as quilts, kaleidoscopes or even tiny houses!

So, if you find yourself in Baton Rouge looking for a unique experience unlike anything else – do not pass up on visiting Magnolia Mound Plantation! This picturesque location offers unparalleled glimpses into Louisiana history making it a must-see when visiting the city. From exploring fascinating artifacts to participating in engaging activities – your adventure starts right here!

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