Located in Baton Rouge, Lobdell/Woodale is an established residential district that is steeped in history. This area was founded over 100 years ago and is known for being one of the oldest communities in the city. As you explore around here, you’ll quickly appreciate the level of detail that went into creating its historical charm – making it the perfect place to picture what living in this area was like many years ago!

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The first thing anyone will notice when arriving here is the stunning architecture. From classic bungalows & unique Victorians to beautifully preserved homes boasting character & sophistication, there’s something for every taste! Many streets are adorned with towering oak trees & blooming shrubs plus gardens full of wildflowers which make for some amazing scenery when strolling around town.

Furthermore this district offers plenty of recreational activities as well. The nearby parks provide locals with plentiful outdoor attractions like playgrounds (perfect for kids!) as well as several walking trails great for enjoying a leisurely stroll or getting in some light exercise while appreciating nature’s beauty. There are also plenty of nearby golf courses too if you prefer to relax on the green!

Not only can visitors experience the incredible nature that these areas have to offer but they can also visit various establishments located throughout Lobdell/Woodale such as art galleries showcasing world-class artwork or quaint cafes serving up craft coffees & locally baked goods. With so many cultural offerings it’s no wonder why this district is known as an oasis for those looking for peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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