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Why You Should Hire a Professional Towing Service for Your Business

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Hiring a Towing Service Can Benefit your Business

Hiring a professional towing service for your business or private property will benefit you in many ways. Perhaps your business’s parking lot isn’t gated, and you are having trouble with outside vehicles taking up parking spaces? Or maybe you struggle with illegal parking in handicap spaces or abandoned cars? Whatever the reason may be, hiring a towing service can help you manage the parking situation on your property.

The Top Benefits of Hiring a Tow Truck Service

When cars start to park in your lot illegally, it’s not just frustrating but can also negatively impact your business. To ensure nothing is deterring your employees or your customers from parking in your lot, consider contacting a towing service.

To Help Enforce Private Parking

Owning or managing a private property can be time-consuming enough as is, let alone if you have to deal with complaints about parking. Apartment complexes and condominiums that don’t have gated parking often have issues with outsiders taking up spaces. You might struggle with this more than most if your property is nearby other businesses. It can also occur in neighborhoods where there is not enough public parking. When you hire a towing company, they can help patrol your parking lot and remove illegally parked vehicles.

To Keep Parking Available for Customers

You’d be surprised how many customers will go elsewhere if they can’t find easy parking. If your parking lot is often full because of illegally parked vehicles, you could be losing business. Even if customers are still utilizing your business, they could end up leaving a bad review. No one will be happy with a business where they continuously have to battle for parking. To ensure the satisfaction of your customers, hire a towing service to patrol your lot, and remove unwanted vehicles.

To Ensure Your Employees Have Somewhere to ParkEmergency Towing Services Baton Rouge

Hiring a towing company can also help keep parking available for your employees. It is less likely that your employees will turn around and go home just because they can’t find parking. However, it’s not a great way to start the day. If it is a constant issue, the growing frustration from employees can even hurt productivity. Employees might begin to feel under-appreciated, and in some cases, they may seek work elsewhere. Spending extra time driving around looking for parking could also result in frequent tardiness. Hiring a towing company to remove unwanted vehicles will help deter illegal parking and help ensure a positive work environment.

Keep Space Open for Emergency Vehicles

Companies often forget about keeping fire lanes free. Until the moment comes that an emergency vehicle is needed, many businesses don’t think to enforce fire lane parking regulations. The last thing you want is for a car to be blocking the way in an actual emergency. Hiring a professional towing service will provide peace of mind by ensuring that illegally parked vehicles will are removed as soon as possible.

How Illegal Parking Can Negatively Affect Your Business

If there are only one or two cars at a time taking up space, it might not cause much of an issue. However, over time, as drivers learn that they can get away with parking in your lot, the numbers can grow. Even if you don’t have any problems yet, it can still be a good idea to hire a towing company before you have an out of control issue on your hands. Illegal parking can be the cause of several problems:

  • Loss of business. When customers can’t easily find parking, they might seek what they need elsewhere. Some might even leave negative reviews that can deter future customers.
  • Traffic congestion. Frequent illegal parking on or around your property can make it difficult for employees, customers, and emergency vehicles to access your business.
  • Late employees. When parking spaces are limited, employees might have to spend extra time in the morning driving around looking for a spot. They could even end up having to park far away and walk if there is nothing available in the lot.
  • Decreased productivity. Dealing with the frustration of having to find parking early in the morning can negatively impact productivity over time. Some employees might even seek employment elsewhere if it becomes a big enough issue.
  • Fines. Some cities might fine businesses if they think it is your customers or employees that are parking illegally.
  • Car Accidents. If parking is limited, finding a space can become somewhat of a battle. Frustrated drivers might pay less attention to what is going on around them to find a spot, which can lead to accidents. Additionally, cars that are parked illegally can also cause accidents by obstructing visibility and traffic lanes.

How Guy’s Towing Service Can Help

As the largest towing company in Louisianna, Guy’s Towing is prepared and available for a variety of towing needs and services. Our fleet of over 40 trucks in all sizes, as well as other specialty vehicles, means we can handle any job, big or small. If you are struggling with illegally parked cars on or around your business’s property, contact Guy’s Towing Service in Baton Rouge, LA, today to see how we can help!