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What To Do If Your Semi-Truck Breaks Down on the Road

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What Happens if a Big Rig Breaks Down?

Any breakdown is stressful when you’re on the road. However, a big rig breakdown can be downright terrifying under certain circumstances. Not only that, but not every tow company is equipped to handle semi-trucks or towing recovery jobs. Here at Guy’s Towing, we can help with emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What To Do During a Breakdown

If you’ve chosen long-haul trucking as a career, you’ll likely experience a breakdown or two while you’re on the road. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you start experiencing a breakdown or mechanical failure on the road.

1. Stay Calm

The most important thing to remember when experiencing a big rig breakdown is that staying calm can be the difference between an inconvenience and a catastrophe. You know all too well how dangerous a semi-truck is and how easy it can be to make a mistake, especially under stress. One of the best ways to ensure that you will stay calm in an emergency situation is being prepared for the possibility of a breakdown. This preparation includes ensuring that your truck undergoes all necessary maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. Additionally, having a plan in place for a variety of situations can reduce the likelihood of driver error during a mechanical breakdown.

2. Pull Over to Safety

Depending on the type of mechanical failure or breakdown you’re experiencing, you may have to pull onto the shoulder of the highway. However, this is a last resort, as stopping on the shoulder causes a dangerous situation for both you and other motorists. If possible, get the truck to the next exit and off of the highway before pulling over. If necessary, pull off onto the side of the highway and immediately make yourself visible.

3. Turn on Hazard Lights

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Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your rig on the road. If you experience any breakdowns in Louisiana, you can call Guy’s Towing for 24/7 emergency towing services!

If you have to pull off the side of the road, make sure that you turn on your hazard lights. Ensuring that other motorists know that you are experiencing a breakdown can make a big difference when it comes to your safety. Passing motorists are one of the highest threats to your safety in this situation, so making sure you’re as visible as possible can help keep you and other drivers safe.

4. Put Out Flares and Triangles

Another way to ensure passing motorists can see you is to put out your flares and triangles from your emergency road kit. This step is even more critical in weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow. If you are experiencing mechanical failure at night, make sure that your rig is clearly visible to passing motorists until help can arrive.

5. Call for Help

After you’ve made sure that you and your vehicle are out of harm’s way, you should call local towing companies and inquire about roadside repair or towing services. Here at Guy’s Towing, we are available any time of day and can have someone out to you as soon as possible if you experience a breakdown near Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Then, you should call your dispatch and inform them of the trouble. That way, someone can get to work on either offloading your shipment or updating the expected delivery date of your load.

6. Tilt Open the Hood

Tilting open the hood of your semi-truck can indicate to other motorists and passing law enforcement that you are experiencing a breakdown and can’t move the vehicle.

7. Keep Dispatch Updated

Communication is key in nearly every aspect of a long-haul trucker’s job. However, it’s especially important to keep dispatch updated while you’re experiencing mechanical failure. Make sure to keep them updated on the status of repairs so that your delivery times and schedules can be adjusted accordingly and the customer can be informed of the delay.

How Can Guy’s Towing Help You?

Getting stuck with a vehicle that won’t run or is unsafe to drive is hard enough during the day time. But what about when it happens later? What if you’re out getting a late night snack and your car stops running on a country road at 3 in the morning? You might be tempted to leave your car and call up a friend or family member to come and get you. But with 24-hour Towing from Guy’s Towing Service, you have a better option. No matter where your car is stuck, if you’re in Louisiana, we can help. Simply give us a call, and we’ll send one of our many trucks out to recover you and your vehicle.