Are you looking for a way to discover more about African American culture and heritage? If so, then look no further than the Baton Rouge African American Museum. Located in a historic building that dates back to 1886, this museum offers visitors an engaging space filled with inspiring stories and riveting artifacts from its past. And while it’s not the largest or oldest museum in town – it provides an unforgettable experience like no other!

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At the heart of this unique space is its permanent exhibition – Reflections From Our Journey — which offers a comprehensive overview of the African American experience in Louisiana. It chronicles everything from slavery to civil rights initiatives through captivating displays consisting of photographs; artwork; audio recordings; digital media; and even personal objects such as jewelry, books and toys used by African Americans during different moments in history. Although some topics may be difficult to view, each exhibit has been thoughtfully curated to ensure visitors gain valuable insight into this cultural legacy.

Aside from exploring exhibits many educational programs are offered throughout the year – all designed to educate guests about various aspects of African American culture ranging from music & artistry to politics & economics. For example, there’s their popular lecture series which provides talks led by scholars and authors on relevant subjects; guided tours around multiple sites across regions like Bayou Country and False River that highlight slave cabins; as well as classes on crafting techniques including quilting, weaving, pottery-making and more! Whether you come alone or with family members – there’s something here for everyone!

But perhaps the most amazing thing about visiting this museum is its talented creative staff who use their diverse talents to bring these stories alive! From creating wildly imaginative plays performed out on the lawns to putting together film screenings inside their auditorium—visitors will witness firsthand how passionate they are when sharing knowledge with others!

So if you find yourself searching for a place that celebrates achievements made by people of color – you’ve come to right place at Baton Rouge African American Museum. Not only is it home to fascinating artifacts but also a remarkable team dedicated to honoring its rich heritage.. Come experience what makes this destination truly special—you won’t regret it!

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