Where can you get an emergency tow truck in Livingston?

Do you know what to do if you’re stranded in the middle of the night? You could get your friends or family to come out and get you if you’re in a familiar area, but what about your car? And what about if you’re in a city you’ve never been to before? You need someone that not only has your best interests at heart, but your vehicle’s too. That’s where Guy’s Towing Service comes in. We’ll come by to help with an emergency towing service in Livingston and the surrounding areas so you and your car make it home safely.

Stay safe! Your safety is the most important thing above all else. Especially in areas of low visibility, the best option is to stay in your car and wait for us to arrive. We’ll setup cautionary lights and warnings around the vehicle so everyone around knows to be careful.

Our tow truck drivers have the experience and equipment to helpEmergency Tow Truck Duson

  • You don’t want just anyone off the street to tow your vehicle! Completing the comprehensive Wreckmaster training program, our tow truck drivers are experienced and know up-to-date techniques and best methods of towing.
  • With three classes of tow trucks, we have the right equipment for your particular vehicle. Whether that vehicle is a motorcycle or a stalled tractor, our tow trucks are built to handle every kind of towing.
  • You’re already having a hard day when you can’t make it home like you planned. With top of the line service, our dispatch team and drivers do what we can to help. Our team is patient and always treat you with respect.

We’re always available with 24-hour towing

Because vehicle breakdowns can happen at midnight just like they can at lunchtime, our team is always ready to take your call. We believe that emergency towing includes being available 24 hours a day, not just in cases of daytime accidents. This means that you can call us whenever you’re in need; it’s no inconvenience! Our staff does whatever it takes to see you home safe.

We never close; even on holidays! Unlike many towing companies that close up for the holidays, we’re busier than ever. We work hard to protect our community and the people that live in it. That’s why we offer FREE rides home from parties during the holidays. So if you accidentally had one too many at the office Christmas party, don’t risk driving home; let us get you and your vehicle home without breaking the bank!

Choose us for the best towing service in Livingston!

Honesty is an integral part of our business model and the reason we’ve grown to become Louisiana’s largest towing company over the last four decades. While we strive to get your location quickly, we’ll never give you an unreasonably fast response time to make you feel better or to make sure we get your business. Instead, we focus on doing our job the best that we possibly can and make sure you’re able to get back where you need to be so you can do the same.

We’re standing by for your call!

Night or day, when you need help in Livingston, call us first!